CoRAP - Community Rolling Action Plan

Review of REACH Dossiers

The Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) is the process by which REACH Registration dossiers are reviewed at Member State level for scientific integrity.

This is a scientific process and consultation with the registrants is a key part of it. However, the Member State committees do have deadlines to follow and prompt action is needed to engage in discussions early in the process and to complete any dossier updates with new information in good time to allow the reviewers a chance to complete their review before the deadline.

Outcome of the review process may include requests for new test data or new exposure estimates or exposure monitoring.


Action if your substance is listed on CoRAP for review

If acting as Lead Registrant, there is a need to quickly make contact with the other registrants and agree a process to ensure the dossier is up to date and that those who want to get involved have the chance to join discussions.

If acting as a Joint Registrant, it is recommended to get involved at the start of the process to ensure that any new work performed is justified.

Either way, it is not recommended to rush off and perform new testing, but instead make a critical review of your dossier and view it with fresh eyes; perhaps get colleagues not involved in the original submission to look through.  Denehurst offers this review service if needed. Ideally, the dossier should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that details are correct. 

Most of the CoRAP reviews seen result in valid comments from the Member State Committees and almost all of these comments should have been noted in the original submission. To be fair to those involved in making REACH registration submissions, these were often done in a hurry and under pressure for deadlines.  Now, with the benefit of hindsight, it is too easy to find ways to improve these dossiers.

Page updated June 2015

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