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REACH uncovered - what is REACH all about and why is it not as bad as we feared ?

Dossier updates - the need to update dossiers already submitted
Life in a SIEF - What next
Joint registrations- the role of a passive member of a SIEF in joint registrations
Short checklist for those approaching a joint submission deadline
What is fair in sharing costs - cost sharing will end in tears for some
Choosing an Only Representative - an important decision 
Confidentiality issues with Only Reps may need you to consider a

The Spirit of REACH
Compare pre-REACH with REACH
Late Pre-registration
Support for SIEF
SIEF and Consortia management
Only Representative  


Inquiries Process


Safety Data Sheets

Chemical Safety Reports


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List of Abbreviations

These are some common abbreviations and ‘jargon’ seen in REACH-related guidance


ADI          Acceptable Daily Intake

ADR         Transport labelling regulations

AF / AS    Assessment Factor / Allometric Scaling (used in estimation of DNEL)

ATE         Acute toxicity estimate


BCF          Bioconcentration Factor

CLP          Classification, packaging and labelling Regulation

CMR        Carcinogen, Mutagen, Reproductive toxin

CSA         Chemical Safety Assessment

CSR          Chemical Safety Report (REACH)

DNEL       Derived No Effect Level

DMEL         Derived Minimal Effect Level

DU               Downstream User

EUSES     European Union System for Evaluation of Substances (risk assessment model)

ECB         European Chemical Bureau

ES            Exposure Scenario

ESIS         European Substances Information System (data base of substances in Europe)

GHS         Global Harmonised System (classification and labelling)

GLP          Good Laboratory Practice (testing quality assurance)

HPV         High production volume chemicals

IUCLID    Software for data input

KIFS         Swedish Chemicals Agency's (KemI's) Code of Statutes

Koc          Adsorption Coefficient (water / sediment)

Kow         Partition Coefficient, octanol water (also Pow)

LD / LC / EC / IC50 etc  Lethal Dose / Lethal Concentration / Effect Concentration / Inhibition Concentration etc

LOAEL    Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level

MEL         Maximum Exposure Limit

MoS         Margin of Safety

NIOSH     US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

NOEC      No Observed Effects Concentration

NO(A)EL No Observed (Adverse) Effect Level

OES          Occupational Exposure Standard

PBT          Persistent, Bioaccumulative, Toxic (environment)

PEC          Predicted Environmental Concentration

PIC           Prior Informed Consent – supply of hazardous materials to regions with lower controls

PNEC       Predicted No Effect Concentration (environment)

pKa          Dissociation constant

Pow          Partition Coefficient, octanol / water (also Kow)

 (Q)SAR   (Quantitative) Structure Activity Relationship (modelling based on chemical structure)

RMM        Risk Management Measures

STOT       Specific Target Organ Toxicity (bits of body affected by over exposure, eg. Liver)

TDI          Tolerable Daily Intake

vPvB        Very Persistent, very Bioaccumulative

WEL         Workplace Exposure Limit

WGK        Wassergefahrdungklasse – German water quality classification

WWTP     Waste Water Treatment Plant



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