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Training services - REACH, CLP, SDS, Exposure Scenarios, IUCLID, Chesar, CSR

As well as participation in seminars and public training events, Denehurst provides in-house training to meet specific client requirements covering chemical supply legislation relating to REACH and CLP.  This can include help with specific laboratory testing, extended safety data sheets (eSDS), Chemical Safety Report preparation (CSR) and input of data into IUCLID 6


Mark and Gill are regular trainers for CHCS ( and REACHReady (







The charges for training support depend on the level of customisation.  For a full day in-house for any number of delegates, fees will start at typically €1400 (£ 1100) which will include provision of materials in electronic form.  Copyright is not claimed. Costs for fully customised one-off courses will reflect any supplementary preparation time.  Follow up advice and reporting back to the client are included as part of the basic costs - many in-house events will include a session on how the processes can be implemented and this will be part of the reporting.  


Mark and Gill are trainers with the UK Chemical Hazards Communication Society (CHCS), covering various standard training modules in CLP, Basic Ecotoxicity, Advanced Ecotoxicity and advanced SDS Writing.  Details of courses offered by CHCS can be found on

In addition, Mark and Gill have conducted in-house training work for a number of multi-national organisations and competent authorities at their locations in the UK, Asia, North America, South America and mainland Europe. 


Work in local schools is provided free of charge and the experience gained in schools, working with professional teachers, is invaluable when trying to control a group of badly behaved industry specialists.  Experience from IT training with 5 year olds helps when trying to explain IUCLID.  Marine ecology in rock-pools with 9 year old children is more fun than anything that involves REACH.

References can be provided on request.


A key part of any consulting service is to help clients help themselves. As part of this, Denehurst offers direct training support covering a wide range of chemical supply legislation and laboratory services.

Examples of training courses provided by Mark Selby and Gill Pagliuca include:


Classification and labelling for supply (GHS and CLP)
Chemical Safety Reports (CSR)

Chesar software for writing CSR

European supply legislation for US suppliers
Exposure Scenarios

Physico-chemical testing
REACH registration
REACH for secondary registrants
REACH for non-EU exporters
Risk Assessment (CSR) Training

Safety Data Sheets
SIEF training and awareness
Toxicology for industry

Specific guidance for some of these topics are provided on other pages of this site
These courses are typically one or two days and will include interactive practical assessment work.


Other short lectures and presentations at meetings and conferences are regularly given.

Forthcoming public training events in REACH, e-SDS, CLP classification etc are noted on the home page.  




Typical costs are £1100 for UK locations (plus travel expenses) or €1400 for European locations (plus expenses).  For training outside Europe, additional charges may apply if excessive travel time required.

There is no limitation on the numbers attending, but most workshops are best if numbers are limited to no more than 20 to keep it personal and interactive.