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Worried about REACH / UK-REACH?
As part of the UK Chemical Industries Association (CIA), REACHReady provides a helpdesk and training service.  As well as the free Silver level of service which includes basic information on REACH and helps indicate whether your industry is affected by the regulation, the full Gold Service level provides technical guidance.  The Gold Service also gives access to the telephone and e mail helpdesk.  Also includes are customised in-house events where one of the consultants will spend time answering your specific questions.  For further details, visit
Mark Selby and Gill Pagliuca of Denehurst are among the specialist advisers working with REACHReady to support the helpdesk, offering advice and training support.

Mark and Gill are both involved with CHCS activities, including training work.  As well as courses and guidance, CHCS provides a forum for members to share questions and answers on regulatory issues such as SDS, classification, Transport and REACH as well as non-EU support.  More details can be found on CHCS' new website aims to educate users of chemicals about the new CLP pictograms.

Other training provided by Denehurst and REACHReady can be found on the training page

Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd is an independent consulting organisation specialising in chemical supply legislation and aims to help industry help itself through training, mentoring and general support.   Denehurst was set up by Mark Selby in 2000.  Gill Pagliuca joined Denehurst in June 2009 and added a new dimension with experience in GHS and Transport classification.  

Denehurst can help with chemical supply legislation through offering advice, taking action or providing training.  This includes work with new and existing substances, CoRAP and Registration Quality issues, or checking data for compliance or value.  

Some of the Guidance documents prepared by Denehurst are offered on this site and these give an indication of the type of area we work in.   However, more information can be provided on request.  We try to keep the ocuments updated on a regular basis.

Denehurst is located in the North of England in the town of Ilkley; less than 10 km from Leeds / Bradford International Airport and close to the UK motorway and rail networks.  Gill is based near Oxford and can provide local support in the area as well as easy access through the London airports for less local support.
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Brexit, REACH and CLP

It’s early days and there are still a lot of questions without answers.  Here, we try to answer some of the initial questions you may have


Updating SDS   

New data from REACH registrations will filter down the supply line and will also be published as disseminated dossiers.  SDS must be updated with 'significant' new information 'as soon as possible'


Extended SDS 

Substances that have been registered and have a Chemical Safety Report, need to include the Exposure Scenarios from the CSR as an annex



The Community Rollin Action Plan is a process where substances considered to be of 'interest' (high exposure, concerns over toxicity or for the environment) are reviewed thoroughly by Member State experts.  


At this stage, science is  important; Denehurst is supporting a number of substance reviews

Public training events



28 March, Manchester - Introduction to CLP (Gill)

Chemical Watch

12 - 13 March, London - Using data for SDS; Practical SDS

Animal testing policy

Details of Denehurst policy on animal testing can be found here